The project

The primary objective of the project was to better structure an export activity that allows to intercept an important series of development and growth opportunities for the company, qualifying in an increase in turnover and contribution, to the development of company in the medium - long term, to the increase in its competitiveness and the possibility of building barriers to competition.

To this end, the plan envisaged Participation in the Index Dubai Fair; Website creation; Development of the Marketing Plan the Design and creation of brands for the penetration into foreign markets and the holding of an online bilateral meeting a distance with the creation of Realization of informative materials with purpose promotional.

In summary, as foreseen by the program:

  • participation in Index Dubai made it possible to obtain visibility and weave relationships with industry professionals in one of the most design events important on the Asian side.
  • the creation of the website, the development of the Marketing Plan, the Ideation and creation of brands for penetration into foreign markets and realization of a remote bilateral online meeting made it possible to retrain the image of the company for its penetration into foreign markets.
  • thanks to the online event, the conversation with many of the people met at the fair.

For more than ten years, Silk & Beyond has started an entrepreneurial adventure in the world of furnishing fabrics; our high-end products, exported all over the world, continue the tradition of the silk product of the ancient Kingdom of the Two Sicilies.

San Leucio is a living example of how the Bourbons built new villages to experiment with industrial plants on the basis of absolute corporate autonomy. The site purchased in 1750 by Charles III of Bourbon was the place chosen by Ferdinand IV to found the Royal Colony of San Leucio, a small urban nucleus representative of an ideal city (Ferdinandopoli) in which to implement an innovative program of social reforms, introducing also the manufacture of silk. The sovereign implemented his design in successive stages, according to a series of interventions that resulted in the establishment of the Colony and the affirmation of his manufacturing vocation.

Silk & Beyond adheres to the "San Leucio Silk" protection trademark registered by the Caserta Chamber of Commerce which, the only trademark in the world, guarantees the consumer both on the quality and origin of the fabric, and on the strict respect of production ethics (respect for the territory , environment and work).